Wedding Photography – What makes it ‘Expensive,’ as you say!

Choosing the right life partner is difficult and so is finalising a wedding photographer. It is a crucial task to let you relive your wedding day every time when you go through your photo albums or watch marriage videos. And only a Professional photographer can help you here.

In a marriage, a good wedding photographer plays a vital part in entire wedding planning. Wedding photography is an adorable part of the whole wedding which you will cherish for a lifetime. It is a pricy possession. But if you think, it is costly to hire, a  photographer or anywhere in the world, maybe you are correct. Willing to get a thorough know-how on that? Let’s begin:

Hire a Photographer, or not?

Handling the task of photography to a naïve person, who merely understands how the camera works, will most probably cause regrets only. So, it is best to hand over the task to a professional photography.
A Professional cameraman will take care of the entire photography part, and it is the best choice for the D-day. We understand that the whole event is not just a day, the decor will die, food will be gulped down and friends will start to their place, but the wedding photographs are for forever.

Are the Wedding and Pre-wedding Photography Professionals costly?

A professional and excellent photographer is an investment on your wedding day. An expert will never compromise on the photo quality, equipment or time. It’s all about how you are calculating and what your perception is.

Some people may say it is too costly to pay 50K per day and others will find it reasonable to pay 1 Lakh a day Wedding photographer in Delhi. Regardless of your financial status, let’s try to find out whether the services are cost-convenient or not.

Elements, which adds to Cost:

For a fair and unbiased analysis, you should understand what contributes to hiking the prices of photographing a whole wedding ceremony. In India, these functions continue for days. Hence, projects are longer, i.e., a week-long or two.
Here are some reasons why wedding photographers are expensive and why you should look for only professional photographers.

1. Precision and Perfection are of utmost importance here.
Live functions have no retakes, remember?
Missed is missed, and you’ll be bashing at us and regretting only.
When it comes to photography, it is all about precision and the best click at the right moment. A professional photographer is not only talented but also skilled professional, and they have hands-on experience when it comes to capturing the perfect short. They understand that the weddings and rituals are unpredictable and there is no chance for a reshoot.

2. Editorial and Additional Team Increases The charge
The entire marriage cannot be captured with few click. They have to work hard for all your rituals and every function. The photography is not only about the pictures and prints. A Professional photographer has to dedicate a lot of time to edit the images and to get the picture perfect photograph which you will cherish for a lifetime.
Sometimes, when the photographer has large client requirement, they even outsource their work as they have to deliver the work in a small time free. Majorly, it is a full-time profession. So, the experts dedicate almost all the time and energy to enhance their skill. Also, it is the only means of earning for us.

3. The High-Quality Pictures and Shoots Demand Excessively-Costly Equipment
The price of the camera, lens kits and other photography equipment are high, and it is must for the Professional photographer to have a backup for everything. Apart from the camera and lens, they need batteries, flashlights, props, etc. The cost of editing software like Photoshop is also high, and they need to pay extra for each upgraded version.

4. Hidden work, which often gets unnoticed!
The job of the nice photographer is not only limited to clicking pictures on the wedding day. Many couples, nowadays, prefer to take pre-wedding photographs, candid picture post-wedding, album designing, etc. These hidden work mostly get unnoticed. Additionally, they also need to take care of post-production, admin jobs like emailing their clients, attending calls, scheduling meeting, etc.

5. Advertisement
The professional wedding photographers have to spend huge money on advertising in various channels like the magazine, newspaper, social media, etc. Investing on business cards, brochures, and pamphlets is also an advertisement.

6. Work quality matters a lot!
A professional photographer will assure you quality work. A well-edited photo with high resolution takes time and efforts, and there is no point in having 100 of regular images. Quality always comes first, especially when you want the best for you D day. Experienced and skilled photographers are worth each penny since photography is an art.

We may have probably has attended 100 of weddings. Every single time, it is mandatory for us to use high-quality professional equipment to deliver the highest standards photographs. We understand the fact that these wedding photographs will be remembered for years and not the price.

7. Training and Upgrading the skills
Photography is an art, and it is essential for the photographer to keep oneself upgraded with latest techniques, trends, and specialisation while clicking wedding pictures.

Education comes at a high cost too; the photographers have to attend classes, seminars, workshops, etc. to get the skill and all these are monitory. This is also the reason one photographer may cost more than the other photographer because the person has spent a considerable amount to develop and enhances his skills to get the best wedding shots.

8. Insurance to safeguard the gear
The professional camera, lens, equivalents are extremely expensive. Hence, grabbing coverage for it all is mandatory for us. You never know when a little kid will knock down your super costly camera or spill the juice on the lens.

9. Maintaining the Business Website and Blog
In today’s digital time, everything is on the web, and people look up online for the wedding photographer. It is must for a photographer to have an interactive and high-quality website; it is the first impression.
A high tech profession website needs a lot of investment when it comes to designing and maintenance. Apart from the website building cost, they have to spend on the yearly maintains and website updating too. Along with it, online marketing, social media promotion will fetch the good clients, but all this need some monetary investment.

10. Additional Fancy Photography Props and Innovative Ideas, we Plan.
Wedding photographer is not only about the pictures but also a well-designed album will cost a bomb. Apart from the cost of the collection, the designing takes a lot of time. In the modern weddings, you may want us to give photo booth ideas, theme ideas and it takes a lot of time and creativity to suggest the best, as you know.

Wedding function includes several props like signs, backdrops, banners, scenic location, bike, glittery umbrella, balloons, etc. These additives are added to the total wedding photography cost.

11. Staff Pay-out also counts
If you are hiring a photographer, they come with 1 or 2 assistant photographers, who help them out to set the backdrop and other technical things. The photographer has to pay for those assistants also. All this will impact on the final wedding photography cost.

12. Paying the Lawyer and Financial consultant
Photography is a business, and all the company needs a financial consultant and a legal person for the smooth operation. It is easy to keep track of the earning, but you need a commercial consultant to file the taxation and do the auditing part.

13. Travel Charges
It is impossible for the photographer to stay near the wedding location always, they need to bear the fuel and travel cost. It is not only about personal travel; they need to carry all the equipment and props safely without any damage. They cannot rely on the public transport, and hence they end up paying more for the cabs.

14. Cost Of Living
Besides paying the extra amount for equipment, the photographers also have to pay the same bills as you do. A wedding photography is a seasoned , and the photographers are busy only during certain months.
Wrapping it up:
Well, that’s your part to conclude whether we, as  photographers, charge you whole lot money or it’s all we worth. After all the points, listed above, and thinking a bit, you must have understood what makes photographing a marriage ceremony expensive.
But to conclude –
Photography is beyond capturing the picture, it is an art, and an only creative person can do justice to the entire job. Wedding photographer also invest a lot of time, skills, experience, and money to develop and enhance their passion.

Contact us to appoint the best of those.

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