What is Wedding Photography for Us?

Wedding photography is an artistic work, a canvas, painted by a Photographers, that adroitly captures assortments of memories and images that find a place on the shelf of your cupboard or the wall of your bedroom. As important it is for a photo artist to be technically sound, someone versed with his lightning and aptly in control of his camera settings; it is equally important to capture happiness, joys, and laughter brimming through the sparkling eyes of the couple and their acquaintances. What use would be your wedding portfolio if it fails to capture the twinkling eyes of the bride, mixed emotions of a bridegroom, Bhangra of his cousins and nervous yet pleasant tears of the bride’s parents?

It is simply not the union between the bride and the groom but an amalgam of cultural ceremonies with a little nok-jhok among the relatives. Only a photographer

with a creative, developed and mature mind knows his way with the scientifically advanced and aesthetically beautiful camera. He is just not a warm body behind the camera but a positive force capturing your timeless and candid clicks with the right amount of creativity, patience, and vision. He is not just committed to his salaried profession but also accustomed to all the fairy tale dreams that the bride has attached to her charming Prince, a father to her little princess and groom’s best friends to his sisters-in-law. His warm clicks should speak in a million heartily felt and effusive overtones even after a decade of its capturing.


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