Dheeraj & Dakshita Pre-Wedding

Recent photo shoot Experience of Dheeraj & Dakshita

Snapture Studios recently photographed Dheeraj and Dakshita’s cherishing pre-wedding pictures and guess what, they found us the best pre wedding photographer in Delhi. This sweet couple is now sharing their experience with us. If you are planning to hire us, read their photo shoot experience and make your zeal to hire us as your pre-wedding photographer even strong.

An unsaid love story is apparent in our wedding pictures, not because we cautiously chose our photographers but they are creative enough to give life to every picture. Given the title of the most happening couple, which becomes possible on our pre-wedding photo-shoot, we are thankful to Snapture to turn out memories as we aspired. To click pictures is not everything but to add life to them is the real art that you people know really well and hence are best pre wedding photographers.

What we loved the most about Snapture is:

  • Natural and artless pictures

Those days, we were a little shy towards each other and were nervous too. The photographers asked us to retain the confidence and too fell that lovely feel instead of thinking of getting a click. This worked well; we focused more on the moment of togetherness, which helped them to get picture perfect shots. These wow pictures would not have been clicked, had we been coyly instead of skittish. However, it was the demand of time and everything worked in favour of it. Entire universe contributed to making our pictures look natural and artless and hence when displayed on our wedding day, we receive a lot of appreciation for being so unique.

  • Photographers’ advice

While pictures were getting click we were repeating the poses, thus depreciating the uniqueness. They suggested us the peerless poses to make it all go flawlessly. The uniqueness and neutrality apparent in our pictures is all your contribution Snapture, thank you for this. They withstand our anticipations and delivered pictures better than expected by adding their creativity to it. Back to back, pictures allowed us to give the best poses to choose from. That day, we neither they tired nor we, from morning to night we were full of energy.

Creating the memories does not always go the way you want, but in our story it does. Our perfect match wanted a photographer who can capture the most realistic pictures of us, and thus we reached Snapture, the best pre wedding photographers.


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