What is Destination Wedding ? Tips & Help

A  Destination wedding is once in a lifetime affair (FOR MANY). The couple wants it to be one of the most extravagant days of their life. People want to hear the praises remembered by others till their hair turns white. And why not? After all you put nearly half of your earnings, invite your friend’s families your neighbours and everyone you grew up with. It is unarguably the single most important day of your life. It simply needs to be perfect!

With changing years there has been a blend of tradition and trends. And it has been time since Pandals in your neighbourhood had shifted to the 5-star Resort on the outskirts of your city. Those expensive resorts eat your bank accounts faster than your wife would figure out the way to spend it. And that gets all in vain if the guest just pretends to be happy. So what new do you do? To still make it one of the most LEGENDARY days of your life?
I’d say SUIT UP! SUIT UP for the new favourite trend of the Destination wedding in India!

Reasons you must go for a Destination wedding!

#1. Away from the hustle bustle of the city

YES, YES, YES! Do you like cherry as the topping on your pudding? Exactly! Marriages and some holiday at some of the most exotic places in the country? Lively places do set up the mood of the people and you get rid of all the family drama you may encounter in your city.

#2. Get to choose a perfect location

You get to choose your own type of place. Whether a sea facing ceremony or to tie a knot in a maharaja style in a Fort or make it a full Bollywood masala ceremony. It’s a one-time affair and must be done like one.

#3. Two Families spend a quality time

In India its, not the two people who get married if the truth be told it’s the two families who make a bond for all future endeavours. Destination wedding offers the two a quality time to know each other well and makes reminiscences for a lifetime.

#4. Exotic Locations for Photography

Let every guest flood their social media accounts with your wedding pictures as you know the pretty places instinctively opens the camera shutters. Let every person who missed your ceremony be envious of it. (PROTIP- Hire one of the best Wedding photographer to make the best use of the destination wedding)

#5. Perfect get together for friends

You call all your college friends colleagues for a perfect get together and take them back to the time of the trips you went with them. Such vibrant places make you relive all the memories and add some more.

#6. Everlasting fond Memories

Well once it gets over you’d be left with all the memories that will enrich in every guest’s heart which can never be rewritten.

#7. Worth every penny

Even if you end up spending few extra bucks, the memories you make are unmatched to any of it and it would surely be worth every penny you would spend. So make it once and make it big!

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