Checklist For Determining The Prices For Your Services As A Wedding Photographer

Your passion for photography lands you to a professional photography institute, that is cool, indeed! But how to set the price for your wedding photography services, once you are done with your course. None of the institutes is going to teach it to you. Isn’t it?

Most of the new photographers in the industry will go through such times when they struggle to set the prices for their services. They know it well that aiming high won’t let them grab the market and compromising on low prices will not help them earn the desired profit. They need to hit it right from getting their work undervalued, and at the same time get fair remuneration for their hard work.

Especially when you are a wedding photographer, you are expected to be excellent with your photography skills. Keeping your hard work, dedication, and finesse in mind, you have complete right to ask for a deserving pay for your efforts. 

Here is a checklist for determining the right prices for your services as a wedding photographer:

Portfolio – My sincere advice to all the newcomers is to get a portfolio done for your work. It is not easy to attract customers during the initial days when you do not have a collection to showcase your skills. I know the first question that might be popping into your mind would be how to arrange for one. After all, it would be best if you had an offer in your hand to shoot.

Why not start with assisting an established wedding photographer? Work for some of the known names to earn yourself experience and a valuable profile. The other way will be to voluntarily shoot a wedding event in your family if someone is soon to get married. Focusing your energy in that direction would be an excellent investment. You can shoot it for free and, that would be a gift for the newly married couple on your end. Else, you may demand the minimal charges from them to cover your expenses. 

Explore your market – The most crucial aspect here is to know your market. Research on the actual charges for wedding services that are hailing around in the market. Compare your work with the work of other professionals and evaluate your services n the basis of the quality of your work. It’s certainly not going to be that challenging!

Find out your competitor’s market – It is essential to know your potential competitors in the industry and how much are they charging for each wedding assignment. Compare their prices and reviews, and then you can go ahead with what appears as viable and fair pricing to you.

Work for the right client – To be honest, photography is a profession that many out there don’t value much. For such kind of people, anyone with a camera in hand can shoot an event. It is always advisable not to work for them. No matter how good you are, you will still appear to them as a photographer next door. 

Work for the people, who understand the strength of photography and the cherishing memories behind each picture. Even if they pay you less initially, but appreciate your work, you can kickstart with your profession. Never judge your potential with the remuneration that you are receiving for your initial projects. At times, you have to take hard decisions to reach a position that you always dreamt of.

Evaluate your time – Time is precious. Especially when it comes to wedding photography, you cannot overlook the tedious hours that you spent during the day and night. Weddings comprise of several rituals that take place throughout the night and day. Apart from that, do not miss on the time you spent after the preparation, driving, development, shooting, editing, interaction, and service. Plan your pricing by considering the total time you devoted to the job, along with counting on the above aspects.

Calculate your cost after the project – Wedding photography is a demanding job both in physical as well as creative aspects. Hence, you must take into account the costs involved in the provision of the services. The cost involved after traveling, buying the related equipment, printing, designing and development, and other things that employ financial engagement are also to be noted. Make a sheet calculating all the visible and hidden expenses and then determine the real worth of your skills. Even if you are planning to settle for lower profit margin, keep it fair enough from getting your skills underrated

Other factors – The pricing also depends upon the number of bookings you receive throughout the month. If you are overloaded with work, you can always offer a discount on your services. When you have multiple projects in hand, you can save money by making the best use of your time and material to make decent money. It certainly saves you money. Apart from that, you need to pay your rent, prep costs, and also need to cater to your daily requirements. If you are not able to save some money after spending on all these things, moving ahead won’t be a sound choice.

Your dream profession has a lot of potentials, but remember that the figures that you want to halt to must be realistic. After all, you are the one who captures and personifies the memories of several new beginnings.

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