An exciting wedding of Yatin & Neha

We captured the lifetime memories of Yatin and Neha, the most charming bride, and groom, who called us from Malaysia to shoot their wedding ceremony beautifully. The photogenic couple gave brilliant pictures with lots of novels poses bestowing love on each other. They were energetic from start to the end and so as we, to not to miss a single precious moment. This is the reason why they entitled us as the wedding photographer.

Alongside the normal wedding details, our focus was on:

  • Beauty of Rituals

They followed every ritual elegantly with the same active participation of family and relatives. From Haldi to Ghurchari and rituals, we managed to get the best clicks to give them an unforgettable and enliven wedding pictures. They not only corporate with us to give desirable pictures but were active and invigorated at all times, our photographers keep capturing them knowing and unknowingly too.

The Result

Obviously, they loved us!

Let us see, what they revert with after watching their photos:

The photography is really brilliant and the pics are uttering the whole stories themselves. Filled with natural expression, we keep on looking at it repeatedly; the work and efforts done by you people are amazing. However, we managed to pose cutely but you add charm to it by giving pictures a real look. Stunning editing and good picture selection left everyone open-mouthed who so over watched. Thank you so much!

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